Basic overview of the word wheel and product features

The spool is a hardware tool that can be used to wrap a wire. It is a very convenient tool to use. It is used in many factories, and it involves a wide range of industries. So, do the different industries have different demand for the type wheel? Let's take a closer look.
The use of the word wheel: PN series machine process turnover line disk is mainly used for the receiving and discharging line in the production process of fiber optic cable; the receiving and discharging line in the production process of series connection, twisting and cable forming of data communication cable; It is suitable for high-frequency machine cable receiving of RF cable, wire and cable, high-twisting machine for receiving and discharging, extruder for receiving and discharging, winding machine for receiving and discharging, etc.; steel type bearing wheel is mainly used for retracting wire diameter Thinner products, high precision requirements, such as 0. 07MM-0. 2MM and other silk.
Suitable for domestic and international, the introduction of high-speed wire-receiving process. The quality control of the products is precise and strict, and it is ahead of similar products in China.
Suitable for the industry of the use of the word wheel: wire drawing, copper plating, annealing, wire harnessing, stranding, mounting, cable-forming, etc. in the production process of wire and cable and wire welding wire. In recent years, it is mainly used for hose steel wire, spring steel wire, cutting. Use wire and other retractable wire.
What are the classifications and characteristics of the wheel?
Steel I-shaped wheel: It adopts reinforced thick plate welding and forming, and has NTC, YA-40, etc., and is machine tested for dynamic balance. It has high strength, large steel, and high-speed operation.
Plastic I-shaped wheel: It is made of plastic cable tray special engineering plastic injection molding. The product has high precision, advanced structure, side panel dense reinforcement, good balance performance, high strength, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, balance accuracy up to 6. 3 Above the level. The overall structure is plastic, metal combination, to ensure the shaft hole requirements and conductive performance, product parts can be replaced, easy to maintain, generally according to customer equipment requirements, can do different strength precision of the wheel, the disadvantage is that the retractable line meters Long, the flange will be deformed due to the large capacity.
Knowing the type and characteristics of the spool, you can use the model in the future, and you will no longer have to worry about the model of the spool or the wrong model, and the short operation time. Avoid many mistakes at work and reduce unnecessary troubles.