What are the special characteristics of the spool?

The type wheel is familiar with such a material in our life. What special relevance does it have? See the description below for details.
The most important point of the spool is that the specifications and materials of the spool are different depending on the material and specifications of the rope. The spools for winding steel wire are generally constructed of steel plates, but wooden spools can be used for winding thin steel wires and colored wires. The use of plastic spools has increased. Because the wheel has one of the above characteristics, it is widely used in products.
Uses: Wire drawing, copper plating, annealing, wire harnessing, twisting, tying, cable-forming, etc. in the production process of wire and cable and wire welding wire. In recent years, it is mainly used for hose wire, spring wire, cutting wire and other retractable wire. . The above is a brief introduction to the relevant introduction process of the word wheel.